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The following are some thoughts, and some questions that have arisen from my musing on the subjects of dreams, and God’s design. Rather than write a chapter about is (It would be hard to beat chapter 3 from Crazy Love by Francis Chan), I will just post these thoughts and questions for your own consideration. My hope and prayer is that God will spark something deep in your soul when you read a particular thought. If that happens – I suggest taking some time to pray and meditate on it. What might God have for you there?

Psalm 37: 4 tells us “Delight yourself in the LORD and he will give you the desires of your heart.” Considering that the concept of “heart” at the time this was written meant more than emotions, it referred to the very core of your being... ask yourself;

- What does the deepest part of me long for?... the “me” He designed and custom built!
- He built your heart to long for specific things – do you even know what those things are?
- God wants to fulfil THOSE desires – in perfect harmony with His greater purpose for others – for His glory (to make him revealed as AMAZING)

Interesting to note:
- You cannot give yourself the desires of your heart
- The deepest longings of your heart have little to do with comfort, or with material things

Is this where dreams are found?

In Genesis 37, we find the story of Joseph, a very familiar story for many of us. What do you notice when you read the beginning of this story?

- Did you notice in verses 3- 4, how Joseph had the favour and love of his father? The other brothers did not.

I wonder if there is a connection between the father’s
love, and the ability to dream.

- If I could grasp more fully my Father God’s amazing love for me, would it unlock an ability to dream, and to desire... an ability which I do not presently have?
- I can tell you that I want my son to know my love so deeply in his bones, that it gives him a security to be himself. I hope that my love for him unlocks his ability to desire great things and to dream big... is our Father God any different?

Re-examine your relationship with God right now...
- Do you KNOW deep in your bones – that God, your father loves you?
- Or do you say you know it – but live as if He is disappointed in you... tired of you?
- Would accepting this love (really believing it) - open you up to dream?

Consider Ephesians 3: 14-21. Rob’s paraphrase of this passage is as follows...
- Know God’s love
- Dream big

It appears that there is some connection, between the father’s love, and the ability to dream. Doesn’t that make you want to explore God’s love for you a little more?

I dare you!
Go find a few coloured pencil crayons and some paper... and write a “Dear Daddy” letter to God. Do it as if you were nine years old again. Why? Ask yourself;
“at what age did I stop dreaming?”
Write or draw from the deepest desires of your heart! What is the worst that could happen? You loving Father could say; “my child, those are not really the desires I made you for. You are dreaming too small – let me show you what the heart I made inside you REALLY wants...”

And that is the worst that could happen if you do this!!! I wonder what the best thing could be?


OpenID rainofgrace said...

Hi Rob,

Yes! I believe there is a connection between knowing and living in God's love and dreaming. I have found this to be absolutely true in my life and ministry. In fact it's almost impossible to live out those dreams aside from God's love and affirmation. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

8:04 PM  

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