Thursday, March 18, 2010

Hey, that’s my roof!

In Mark chapter 2 we read a story of this dude who has been paralyzed and lives his life lying on a mat. The story tells of these other dudes, his friends, who hear that Jesus is in town, you know, the guy who they say can heal people of anything. So the friends go pick up their paralyzed buddy, and head off to see Jesus. When they arrive, they discover that there is no way to get through the crowd outside, let alone get into the house to see the great prophet (or even maybe the messiah). What do you suppose these friends do? Call it a day and head out for a hummus latte? Nope, they fight through the crowd and get right up to the house, towing their paralyzed friend with them. Then they climb up on top of the house (still dragging their friend), at the very least giving the crowd something to look at. Next they actually start taking apart the roof of the house (imagine that was your house), and they lower their paralyzed friend inside, mat and all, THUMP! Right at Jesus feet!
Not for Jesus. He forgives the paralyzed man of sin (perhaps for the benefit of those stiffs who thought that he must be paralyzed because of some great sin) then Jesus heals him, and he picks up his mat and walks out, to rejoin his friends who are right now escaping from the roof. The ones who would do anything to get their buddy in need - to the feet of Jesus.

What kind of friend does that?

Would you like to have such friends as these? Would you like to be a friend like that? What if I suggested to you that it is your God given destiny to be that kind of friend?


Blogger MC said...

we are on a mind meld man. What is up with that?
Yea, same topic came up last weekend in my world. I found meaning in that the story was not really about the friends. They did not heal. they did not forgive. they just set up an appointment. After that they're out of the picture (at least for the duration of the story). But I can immagine Jesus looking up and see these guys leaning over- watching what would happen. Maybe Jesus waved.

11:27 PM  
Blogger Rob Petkau said...

That's hilarious. Jesus waved...

maybe he said, "he's healed - pull him back up... just kidding - he can use the door"

Or maybe he said - "hey - I've got this ascension thing coming up and you guys are good with ropes - wanna help me out? it'll be awesome!"

8:43 AM  

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